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Madrid One

Madrid One is a brand new 
data center campus strategically located in the municipality of Fuenlabrada.

The facility will deliver over 60,000 m2 of technical space with a total IT load exceeding 100MW.

With permitting in place, power on site and reference designs ready to deploy, time to market in the Madrid market is significantly reduced.   

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Time to market: 12 - 24 months 

Madrid One will consist of five separate buildings contained within a purpose-built 70 acre+ campus.
Delivering build-to-suit options for clients across the spectrum of data centre consumers.

These facilities can be dedicated for single occupancy and expanded from an initial 6MW up to 30MW per facility (dependent on rack density). This gives clients the ability to expand at the pace they require and the control over the capital deployment of their projects. As a dedicated facility, clients can also enjoy dedicated data hall space, office space and welfare facilities. All configured to their brand and layout.  

Madrid one is available as an operated or an unoperated solution. Clients are free to decide whether they provide their own security or utilise services available on-site. 


Clients should consider Madrid One their own data center canvas, where they can develop and build their own solutions from our reference designs.

You implement your approach to electrical design for sound reasons. You perhaps utilise a distributed redundant UPS design or maybe a catcher-system approach because it’s right for you and your business needs. Your choice of cooling technology and brands are borne from experience and operational guidance. We understand you do not want to have designs forced upon you. Naturally, we have a well-developed, robust design, but ultimately it is your data center. The earlier the engagement with you and your design teams, the more optionality we can collectively include. 

Calle Sauce, 20,

Fuenlabrada, Madrid,

Madrid, Spain

Madrid One

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