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At Form8tion we take our responsibility
to minimise climate impact seriously. We offer measurable, tangible carbon reductions throughout every stage of our construction and operation services.

We will present our clients with all available options to ensure that any proposed solution has the minimum carbon impact during construction and throughout the facility’s operation.  




We encourage the adoption of low-water or waterless cooling solutions and seek to eliminate any reliance on potable water. (including the use of rainwater harvesting.) 

Adopting highly efficient plant. A high priority will be placed on selecting equipment with the lowest impact on the planet. 

Reduce reliance on power grids via
Private Power Agreements (PPAs) to low-carbon, close-proximity power sources. Source carbon-neutral power and discourage vague, carbon offsetting schemes. 


Zero Diesel 


Construction materials will be sourced from a low-carbon supply chain. Encouraging client selection of
carbon-negative materials where viable. 

Encourage the development of
low-carbon generation solutions. Use of sustainably certified HVO as a fuel where supply chains are viable.

Biodiversities such as living walls, footpaths and improved environments impact the wellbeing of the people working in a data center and contribute to sustainability goals. 

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